Dreamstime Productions Inc.

A path to creativity

  WW II:First Person Accounts  This is a painful emotional documentary about survivors of World War II. Truthful accounting by those that lived through this horrific experience will leave you with a personal impression of what really happened.

  This production presents the Fujitsu Planetarium as the first of its kind in the Northern Hemisphere. It is an educational astronomy creation with shows and entertaining laser displays.

  Nerdy Nerd  The miser nerd self absorbed is unwilling to spare a dollar to a homeless man and losses all his money in the process. This simple but funny comedy will leave you feeling justice does prevail.

  Sikh Interfaith Journey  This Documentary is about a handful of Sikhs who went through various challenges to establish a Gurudwara on the teaching of Gurus who believed in interfaith, compassion and love for all.